POC as a service

Evaluating a best Cyber product needs lots of time, efforts and existing infrastructure, not every customer can afford such as ready Infrastructure with all available components.
POC as a service is executed through DGLABS platform which is powered by DGCLOUD’s secure and feature-rich platform built on cutting edge computing, storage, cloud and virtualization technologies.

All use cases are available either pre-configured for a fast execution or customer can choose his own use case to configure from zero.
Customer just needs to define requirement by choosing available and custom scenarios and whole infrastructure is created on fly.


We built our own framework and methodology based on real world complex scenarios, with several case studies fully representing and covering almost all kind of customers worldwide. We built use cases considering looking at each and every aspects of a product from People, Process and Technology prospective, covering strong and week areas of products, customer can record evidence of products responses against each use case scenario.

DGLABS Product Evaluation

  • Service Management
    • Security Configuration
    • Integration
    • Asset Management
    • Change Management
    • Backup and Restore
    • Support
    • Version and Patch Management

  • Operation Management
    • Security Operation
    • Service Mapping
    • Orchestration
    • Log and Event Management
    • Backup and Restore
    • Discovery

  • Business Management
    • Audit and Compliance
  • Use case scenarios

    • Technical Capabilities
    • Confidentiality and Integrity Validations
    • High Availability Checks
    • Datasheet Claims
    • Ease of Configuration
    • Ease of Integration
    • Performance Claims<
    • GUI and CLI End User Experience
    • Community Feedback