Virtualization and Cloud
Computing consulting services

At DIGINFO, Cloud SMEs provide consulting services on Virtualization and Cloud technologies, we believe that a strong virtualization strategy can rapidly deliver efficient and secure cloud environment. We start with cloud enablement program with series of Workshops, Webinars, Knowledgebase and Training on Virtualization and Cloud technologies at client place to have full understand of their business requirement.

We build modern cloud strategy and roadmap that meets customer business requirement, fixing challenges and issues, starting with Assessment, Design and Plan, Infrastructure and Performance Health check.


Our consulting services have full support from our own product known as DGCLOUD, which is based on world renowned commercial and open source virtualization and cloud technologies and applications, running on our own cutting edge hardware.
Our consulting services are as below

  • Cloud Migration : Full migration of any existing solution at any scale from customer on premises environment to DGCLOUD Infrastructure
  • Disaster Recovery : Design & Implement Disaster Recovery site for customer, Building exact replication of Production site on DGCLOUD Infrastructure as DR Site with DR automation enablement
  • Managed Services : Design, Deploy, Execute, Monitor and Support
  • Security Operation Center (SOC): Full fledge seamless remote SOC services including Monitoring, Operational and Maintenance services.
  • Software Development: Full fledge software development execution on DGCLOUD Infrastructure where developers write, compile, execute and demonstrate codes on DGCLOUD Infrastructure.
  • Hosting Services: Host your Web, Email, Files Repository, ERP, In-House Software, SAAS Applications on DGCLOUD Infrastructure
    DGCLOUD Workplace: Work from home, complete virtual working office through secure VDI solution
  • DGCLOUD DevOps: Cloud Based Collaborative Software Development
  • DGCLOUD Sparks: High End servers for dedicated tasks with dedicated computing resources